Anyone from Yorkshire


There seem to be a lot of users from Asia, Europe, the Americas etc but what about users from God’s own county of Yorkshire. It would be great to see how many of us are from right here.


Born in Leeds, Live in York, Love it!


Don’t live there, but had a couple of mates at Uni there back in the day, so I’ve sampled the pleasures of Batley, Dewsbury, Leeds, Wakefield Westgate, Hull and Sheffield a few times. I used to work for Jacksons Stores as well when I was a nipper, Yorkshire used to be riddled with them. Oh, and my mum loves Emmerdale! :smiley:


Great, we’re just 1/2mile away from where Emmerdale was originally filmed (Esholt) it’s now moved to Harewood but it’s still Yorkshire.


tommusrhodus, didn’t realise you were in Yorkshire, really admire your work, some of my favourite themes.


You’re near Esholt?! I grew up in Horsforth! Small world.


Younger brother studied in Horsforth at Leeds Trinity; it’s a small world after all.