Anyone could help me? why my template was rejected?

I want to know why my template was rejected, if anyone could help me please
Thank you

Anyone some idea why it was rejected? I work so hard for this theme, what is wrong? anyone some ideas?

Your template’s design is too basic and not artistic. That’s why it got rejection

Thank you! Would you recommend to my a good Bootstrap software? I am using Pingendo, and Pingendo generates that kind of “tradicional views”, is there any other good software to create more beautiful menus and stuff like that?

You need to learn to code and design your templates by yourself if you want to sell here. Alternatively, stick only to design and find a coding partner or vice versa. Using some sort of generator software is certainly not a way to do any serious stuff. Maybe as some DIY hobby project for yourself, but you won’t create anything with a commercial value with it.

Thank you for the feedback. I can write coding in c, c++, java, php, that is not a problem, and i used pingendo because it was easy, just for that reason, but if you tell me which software should I use to get a more good looking website, i will use it for sure… which one do you recommend to me?

I am afraid you are missing the point a bit. It is not about software, you can use basically any text editor (Notepad++ is great free example), the point is that you need to write the code yourself. In case of HTML template you need to learn HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. Later, you may want to do some WordPress themes, where your PHP knowledge will certainly come in hand, but I would focus on the HTML/CSS first because that is the base. You won’t do almost anything without solid knowledge of it when it comes to web development.

Thank you, by the way, awesome your portfolio!
I will create more good looking themes them, thanks for your tips!
Thanks again and have a nice day!

Good luck! You may find this useful:

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Thank you so much LSVRthemes!

Auto generate code can not eligible you to get success on themeforest. You have to do custom codes and artistic design

Thank you. Don’t worry, I won’t use auto generate code.