Anyone compose with modular synth gear?


I am fascinated about the modules out there these days, I was just wondering if anyone was using modular synths to compose on audio jungle. Cheers!


Don’t think that you can rich corporate sound with modular. But long evolving ambient soundscapes maybe…


Hi @simming, I have an old Korg MS20 (the original not the rerelease) that I need to get out of the garage. It’s about as close to a modular that I have but I’m looking forward to getting it dusted off for an upcoming project. Do you have a modular? I’ve always wanted to get into it but it’s a bit too space hungry (I have a small studio) and a bit on the pricey side.


I was thinking for cinematic/dubstep/electronic sounds etc…just curious if others are using modular and what for


That is awesome! I wish I had a real MS20! I don’t currently have any modular gear but it looks so versatile and sounds so rich and analog. It is pricey and space hungry, I have a small studio as well. Still considering whether it is a good idea or not, I was hoping there would be some modular folks on here that could steer me in the right direction.


Actually Korg MS-20 isn’t close to modular at all. You are confused by patchcords. They just expand MS-20’s functionality a little but not too far. They do what knobs usually do in all the synths.


And speaking of modular, they are widely used in sound design and cinematic sound. They are a lot of fun to use. But as for me i use soft synths, they are much more flexible and convinient for daily use, they can store presets unlike regular modular synth. Though Arturia recently released MatrixBrute, new generation modular system. It can store presets


Hi @Stcomplex, yes, I’m aware that the MS-20 on its own isn’t a modular synth (that’s why I said the closest I have), but the patchable CV actually allows its use with modules from other systems like Doepfer and Eurorack. It’s not something I’ve got into yet because of space but certainly does open up the world of modular synths to those on a limited budget.


I saw some NAMM 2016 videos of the matrixbrute, looks awesome! 2000 isn’t really that expensive considering how many eurorack modules it would save you from buying. I use soft synths too but the work flow of modular systems and also the analog sound is very appealing to me.