Anyone any good with computers?

So there’s some crazy thunder and lightning on Friday night and I have a power-cut when my desktop was on. Power comes back on, I boot up my machine and not long after the power goes off again. I decide to leave it off for the night, even though it came back on not too long after. I have a surge protector thing.

Power it up in the morning and although it loads up, everything is very slow. Chrome opens fine and I can browse no problem, but anytime I try and use explorer… choosing a download location for files, selecting a file to open in After Effects, sometimes just right clicking on a program or icon… explorer freezes up. It will say ‘working on it’ for ages (several minutes) before it works or it won’t work at all. If I restart or shut down explorer when this is happening, it won’t open again. Then if I try to restart the machine, it takes about ten minutes rather than 60 seconds or so.

Not too fussed about it being a bit slower, but it’s virtually unusable at the moment.

Tried a few forums for PC errors but their solutions haven’t made much difference. I’ve reset the CMOS, whatever that means (I took the battery thing out for a five minutes), scanned the drives for errors and there aren’t any, refreshed the PC (kept files but lost apps and reinstalled Windows)… even took the thing apart and gave it a good clean and checked for any melted wires or anything, but it’s all good.

ASUS G10AC, Windows 10. One SSD (OS and a couple of bits), one HDD (Everything else).

Any ideas? Thanks!

do you have an external harddrive you can check, is it slow on that as well?
Have you checked the RAM for errors? There is a windows RAM test, just google it and you should find a tutorial.

Will give that a try in the morning. One thing I forgot to mention, all the commands in the command line don’t work… chkdsk, ipconfig, ping etc. Says they’re not recognized. might cause problems with a RAM check, but I’ll Google it and give it a try. I’ve got a bunch of external drives, but my OS is on my internal SSD. Not sure how I’d try it on an external drive, but I am old and a bit rubbish when it comes to computers!

Anyway, will look into that in the morning and fingers crossed! I’ve got a laptop to keep me going, but moving from a 27" 1080p monitor with an SSD, 3.4GHZ and 32GB of RAM… to a 15" 720p monitor with a 5,400rpm HDD, 2.4GHZ and 16GB of RAM is a bit of a shock to the system!

Thanks, much appreciated!

I didn’t mean to run the os from the external drive, but you mentioned problems browsing through the files in explorer, so I’d try to find out if it has something to do with the drives not responding anymore, or if it’s another problem…