Anyone able to assist with Ultimate Affiliate Pro


We’ve installed Ultimate Affiliate Pro, and all is working well except for one issue…

When new affiliates log in, the software fails to take the affiliate to their dashboard. Instead it takes the affiliate to our home page. We discovered that by clicking back on the browser, the affiliate is then, subsequently taken to their Dashboard (Apache redirect issue?)

Has anyone else had this issue? (we can’t use the plugin with this error).

The response of the customer support desk is depressing… “Turn off your other plugins and see if that resolves the issue”.

It’s a poor response - tantamount to saying it’s not our fault, it must be someone else’s.

We run a professional website where all plugins are fully tested on staging sites, and we know they work. We have over 45 plugins - it would take a week to switch off each one just to test a new plugin which we haven’t come to trust yet. Ultimate Affiliate Pro is a new plugin for us, and what we currently know is that it doesn’t work. As it’s “last in”, if this remains the response of Customer Support, we’ll be switching it off and going elsewhere.

Anyone experienced something similar?

Unfortunately with 45 other plugins at play it’s going to be very difficult to determine the issue without exploring if one of those may be causing a conflict.

You might be able to find a freelancer (try @ki-themes) to hire who may get lucky and spot an error which could be triggering the problem but it may well also take time to investigate.

As the plugin has big sales, a good rating, and @azzaroco is a highly respected author - there is a danger that moving on to another solution may create a similar problem.

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Maybe 44 is the limit :slightly_smiling_face:

Joke aside, I’d guess which plugins you’re using but it’s pretty big number and I don’t think it’d trigger an error and throw a log message ( would be easier to find it )

As the author said, you need to disable other plugins to find out which one has the compatibility issue, as if there’re too many installed

The issue is not within the plugin by itself separately. Sometime it causes issues if two ( or three ) plugin uses the same feature.

This is not a problem that someone ( as an author ) would solve it. If you ask another author, they may probably suggest the same thing. If you’re considering for freelance work, I’m available, I wouldn’t mind to take a look at the system, in case, you can drop me a message any time.

Good luck!

WPIndeed Support have been helping us.

They have now let us know that Ultimate Affiliate Pro is incompatible with miniOrange 2 Factor Authentication.

For now, that is all they have left us with. We will let the authors of miniOrange 2 Factor Authentication know, but since that software has worked on our site for years with all our other plugins (and Ultimate Affiliate Pro won’t work properly with our set up), we’re probably going to have to find alternative Affiliate software (perhaps SliceWP or WP Affiliate Manager).