Anybody who can Play & Record Flute (Indian) ?

Hello Audio Jungle,

I need Flute Background Music for an Indian Project. Anyone who can compose & record a flute BGM?


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I play recorder (block flute). How do you imagine it, only flute or some background harmonies?
Can you show something similar to what you need?

Its actually an Indian Poem, I just want to add flute between the singing…

How long is it? Do you have the singing already recorded?

Yes. Its around 15 min long… already recorded. Please DM me your email, I’ll forward that…

maybe i can help you if you need some bansuri flute ! =)

Yes. This is what I want… Please read above. I’ll share the track if you can DM me.

ok , what rag do you need to fit your poem ? alap or composition (wich taala ? send me email

I just did a Native American track with a beautiful flute from Logic. It sounds perfect.

sent an email… to you.