Anybody from London?

Hi there gents,

I’m considering moving either to Berlin or to London next year. I know, I know… tough times ahead. However, I’ve been in London last month and I have to say I absolutely fell in love with this city. Berlin on the other hand is also great, but it lacks this metropolitan character, IMO.

However, the rents in both cities are insane. Anybody here from London who can chime in and share some useful advise? Thanks!

@charlie4282 is close to London I believe…

Housing rates in London and the south of England are stupidly high, if you want to live in London then find a cheaper area which is close to a tube line so you can get quick access to the central parts. The further you go out the cheaper, you can save hundreds of ££ per month by living an extra 30 minutes from central London.

Have a look at - it lets you select tube stations and then give you the average price per street in that area.

The closer to central London, the more you will pay, work out where you will need to get too and then find a tube line which goes there, and then select places on that line.


Yup I live in London - it really comes down to why you are moving and what you want to do while you’re here.

London is expensive but salaries are pretty inline with this and if you plan ahead (don’t just rock up!) then you will be fine.

If you want to know anything specifically let me know

p.s. I actually used to live/work in Germany too!

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Hi Mike,

Great advice from Gareth.

I live in the outskirts of London, and you can get into Central London by overground train, here, in 20 minutes.

I think that’s your best bet, and in the future, Crossrail will speed this up even more so in a four years time I will be able to get to Bond Street in 15 minutes!!!

And, I agree London is fabulous!

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I am a London-based beast as well :slight_smile:
Prices are high that’s true, but you can earn pretty good money too, especially in the city.

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Many thanks for your replies guys!

@Gareth_Gillman: Yeah I’ve been already told to head west. That link btw is pure gold, many thanks for the share!

@charlie4282: Ah I see :wink: What would you think is the biggest curtural difference between Brits and Germans?

Do you guys think it’s an advantage beeing able to speak other languages than english when looking for jobs? And how about the rents, how much do they increase over time? Ever had any troubles with the lessor?

I was not in Berlin so can’t really comment on there and Frankfurt was quite similar to London in many ways.

I found that the Germans were arguably slightly more friendly but coming from London originally I am probably not the best judge.

I would expect London to be slightly more chaotic and fast paced (in a good way).

Languages definitely help and the value will range depending on the type of work you are doing and the field you are in. We employ native speakers (or at least very strong) in 2 or 3 languages and they are often very hard to come by.

Rents are unlikely to shift a massive amount and as people have said if you are prepared to commute then its not that bad. It is important to consider how close you want/need to be to the center and the difference between the types of places and areas you see when visiting versus where you may end up living (obviously for all I know you could be looking at 100K /year jobs and could live in Chelsea!).

That said there are numerous areas slightly further out in most directions which are really nice to live in.

Probably the best advice would be to revisit both with a clearer idea of where you might want tol ive and what you want to do. go for a little more time, maybe use Air BnB or similar and actually live life in a flat etc. like you would and treat it less like a holiday.

Do you know what you want to do if you came here? What other languages do you have?