Anybody else have problem creating links in Impact Radius?

I keep getting a problem in Impact Radius when after I create a link to a project, the link takes me to a blank page that says ‘The link you clicked on is malformed. Contact the editor of the originating page.’ I have to redo a link about 15 times until it finally works. Anybody got a workaround for this?

never faced such type of issues. My opinion if you face continuesly such issues then you can contact with @emile_b (Envato Market Affiliates Team) or and let them know. Thanks

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Thanks mate, will do!

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This happened to me and I figured the links are ok provided you don’t navigate to the URL on the same browser or session that you are logged in to Impact Radius. I think it’s a mitigation by Impact Radius to avoid self-referrals or something like that.

To prove this theory, try this out; After creating the link, try open a different browser or Incognito tab and paste the url - Voila! it works; I hope that answers your questions.

Thanks mate, I actually tried this but still had the problem will speak with the help team am sure they will be able to help out. Appreciate your suggestion :slight_smile:

I have the similar issue, it seems the impact radius encode the target URL so it can’t redirect to destination page. (As seen on Vanity URLs page)

Hi you can check this:

How to solve it

Hi @milonshil1,

You have selected Envato Elements as a Brand but the item link provided is Envato Market (ThemeForest), which is wrong. You have to select Envato Market as a Brand.