Anybody else facing issue with the new Envato studio timeline?

Worked for me until yesterday. But now, it just shows me as"Loading…"
Tried checking from another computer, but same issue. Also tried clearing the cache and deactivating the browser add-ons.
Worst thing is that I just received an express installation order, but unable to reply.

Same issue with me also whats up with the new design? It looks like they decided to just delete the stylesheet or something

Yeah, same problem here. I hope they fix this soon, because I also have an express installation order, and the time is ticking.

Thanks or confirming. Not sure about the stylesheet :grinning:

So I am not alone :wink:
Thanks for confirming

same issue here… :worried:

Guys, if you are working on an Express WP Installation, make sure you respond via email (that seems to work) so that you don’t lose the job and get kicked out from the service after 12 hours passes.