Anybody considered moving somewhere cheaper?


Ive been considering moving somewhere in Europe that has a nicer climate than England and with a lower living costs to be able to carry on making music. Just wondering if anybody has had similar idea or has already moved somewhere less expensive and possibly more appealing. The coast of Spain looks nice! I’m part Irish before anybody shouts Brexit at me :wink:


Talk to @SnailMusic (or check out their blog) - they’ve written a bit about moving off the Spanish coast and making music :slight_smile:


Greece, maybe :slight_smile:


ASk whatever you need @MidnightBlueMusic! We were living on the island of Menorca (Balearic Islands) for a year, and now in the city of Barcelona :slight_smile:


I’m Spanish and I live in a town next to Barcelona. Be sure that your incomes are constant and high, it’s not cheaper than you think, mostly on the coast. If it’s possible avoid all touristic zones because the general prices are really expensive. Including the apartments rent. I recomend the south of Spain

All the best!


With my Audiojungle incomes I think that I can’t live in Greece. Maybe in India, and not living a luxury life.


Moving from your home country to a country with a lower level of life and where you will be a foreigner seems like a very strange idea…Usually people moving to a better place to work harder and get a better life (at least on their own will). But this is how i see it.


Thanks, great suggestion!


Greece or Cyprus are both good options.


Thanks, I’d only move somewhere that I could cover the costs. For me it’s still a lot cheaper than London to stay somewhere like Alicante, Torrevieja etc. I’m visiting Alicante in 3 weeks so will have a look around. Barcelona is very expensive so that’s probably not a great option for me right now. It’d be great to meet other people first online, especially other producers etc.


I wouldn’t say Spain has a lower level of life. Depending on what you’re looking for it could be seen as better in lots of aspects. Lots of Spain and Europe are very international now and I wouldn’t be too worried about feeling like an outsider, especially if I was aiming to connect with other producers, video makers etc. It also wouldn’t be permanent but maybe for 1 or 2 years while I improve and build up my portfolio and other online business.


The reason is sustaining my current way of life in London is going to be very difficult. I either need to seek full time employment to just pay the bills (and spend far less time on online music business) or move away from London for lower costs. A standard 2 bedroom flat in a cheap area of London is around £1300/€1500. There are beautiful places all along the coast of Spain, Greece, Cyprus etc for 500 Euros. I think how people fit in and adjust will vary from person to person.


Awesome! What prompted the move initially? Was it a similar case that you were working online and wanted a change of location?


One of the reasons for posting was to see how many like minded people there are and to see if there’s a possibility of connecting with people and possibly even share a place. I think a house/villa or apartment with 3 producers helping and learning from each other, all whilst staying in an inexpensive but great location sounds like a pretty good idea!


We were dedicating all our time to Snail Music so yes, our work was 100% online. In our hometown there’s a lot of distractions (big city, friends, family…) so we wanted a little bit of calm at the beginning of the project. And Menorca is amazingly beautiful!

South of Spain as @HillMusicMedia says is a good place too.

After 1 year we came back to the city, but I will go next month to Morocco to work from there and later my idea is to visit also India… it’s nice to be able to work from anywhere.

@Enrize I see it as a way of exploring other parts of the world while at the same time being able to save more money or just working in your project without financial constraints (or having to go search for a part-time job to sustain a more expensive way of life). But that also depends of course of every person’s situation.


You have the same idea as me. Why pay so much when you can travel and experience new cultures whilst focusing on your work. Hope you enjoy Morocco


@MidnightBlueMusic “numbeo (dot) com” is really informative abt the cost of living all over the world. I think it can help you in your move.
Good luck! :slight_smile:


Such a good plan! I want to make something like that maybe next year. I was in India and Morocco and, for sure, both are awesome places to live and work. Congrats for the decision and all the best!


Sinai, Egypt… You will find a lot of people from England there and you can rent 1 bedroom apartment for less than 100$/M if you avoided the to tourists places you won’t really spend much that’s because 1USD = 16.5 Egyptian Pound


Welcome to Kazakhstan! :wink: