Any WP plugin displaying a gallery from a given folder ?


Can anyone recommend a WP plugin displaying a gallery of all images inside a selected folder ?
I have several galleries to insert, and my images are well sorted, 1 gallery per folder. No need to go to sub-folders.

Ideally a short code could simply be like that:
[gallery_plugin_name folder=“some/WP/images/folder/”]

or even better with a template or a gallery acting as a model
[gallery_plugin_name folder=“some/WP/images/folder/” template=“1”]

(no new image manager, no image manual selection, no duplication of WP media system … just displaying all images of a given folder)

Any suggestion ?

There are many free plugins available however if you want to make it more customized and modified then you will have to find someone at Envato studio or get in touch via my Envato profile so that we can get started from there.

thanks for your offer of services, but a custom unmaintained WP code is a path I do not want to follow.

The question to all was: if someoene knew an existing maintained plugin making a gallery from a selected folder. Paid or free, both are OK
There was [Folder Gallery] , but not maintained anymore

Any other idea ?