Any way to filter files within a certain author, or see all videos containing a certain model?



Hey, I’ve been looking to use some of the stock footage, and when I find a clip I like, I want to see if there are any other clips using the same model. Is there any way to search in a more “advanced” way. I’ve noticed other libraries have a “More with this model” link, which is great. But even if elements had a filter that you could apply after choosing a certain author that’d be great. Like say you click on an author who has great videos and want to see if they have more of a group of friends on the beach. If you click on that author, it brings you to their library which has thousands of videos. It’d be great if once you got there you could search their library, or filter just to “beach” or whatever. I tried typing the author name in the search field but it doesn’t seem to work.

Maybe I’m missing something, let me know if there’s a way!!!




Bump. Anyone have any ideas?



It could be, If you can check the entire portfolio of an author.
If he works with the style or use of a stock model, then it’s possible another stock template with the same model or stock photos. you can easily do that, just go to the template below you’ll find author name click and check entire portfolio.


Hmmm. I think maybe either I’m not understanding you ashuras_sharif, or maybe you didn’t understand my original post. I can definitely click to see an author’s entire catalogue already. The problem is when an author has thousands of assets it would take forever to go through them all and be a huge waste of time.

Any ideas on how you could filter those thousands of assets, or does that functionality just not exist?



You can use tag or submenu, It is tough sometimes searching with tag. But it could save you time, finger cross for you.


Thanks! But can you search a tag within an author’s portfolio? I haven’t seen that option.


some author uses their name on the tag but not all authors. you can try the author name on the search. Or submenu here try this way.


Yeah, I tried typing in the author’s name in the search it didn’t work well for me. None of the author’s I was looking for were searchable that way…

It’d be nice if they added some deeper filtering so you could search more effectively.


Maybe I’ll add a request for it here in the forum!