Any videohive author near Boston, MA


Hey, Any author here at Boston, MA. I am here at Boston, and I guess, its nice to meet some good authors and hangout around here. Let me know, or email me. :smiley:



Looks like nobody uses After effects here in Boston, So Sad, I am the only one, survived. :frowning:


Hey Sachin!

I used to live in Boston, and actually started MotionRevolver in Boston, but moved back to my home state of Pennsylvania in 2012. I travel to Boston a few times a year, so next time I’m there and have some free time, I’ll let you know!

What brings you to Boston? Have you always been or did you recently move there?



Hey Tyson

Oh, its nice to know that you were from Boston. Actually I am just here for a break from my daily routines. I am staying here with my brother and will be here till September. I am trying to find some same mind like peoples here for a hangout, but so far no luck. Still exploring much of the places here in Boston. Boston is really a beautiful place. I have been to Haymarket, castle island, rockport, boston common, newbury, down town, still, there are more places to explore, soon, I will walk through Boston Trails.
People are so crazy about the sports here. Amazing. Do you have any idea, to get around with people here, I heard that its hard to make a friend here, :slight_smile:



It’s my favorite place on the planet! Sounds like you’ve already done quite a lot in and around the city. Make sure you do the SkyWalk tour in the Prudential building to get a birds-eye view of the city. The SkyWalk tour, and the Boston Duck Tours are the 2 quintessential things I always tell visitors to experience. Oh, and go get yourself some ice cream at Toscanini’s in Cambridge :slight_smile:

You are correct, it is pretty difficult to make friends in Boston. I’m not exactly sure what the reason for that is, but most people attribute it on the fact that there are so many students living there, and unless you’re in one of their cliques, it’s tough to break into the group.

Have you discovered the Boston Creative Pro User Group? It’s a group of likeminded creative and video professionals, who might be a good group of people to make friends with. It looks like their next meeting is July 14th at Emerson.

Check out their site:

Enjoy your time in Boston! It really is an amazing place.