Any tips for crushed brass sound?

Hi, friends!

I am now trying to get a solid brass sound from a big horns and trombones section. I specifically need that crushed, dirty, brutal sound. (Like a truck engine running hard :grin:)(or ferryboat horns)

If you have any tips or saturation presets please share with me and the community.

(btw I have fab-filter saturn2 and waves complete plugins.)

I get the best results with the “Punish” effect plugin from Heavyocity and using layered orchestral and synth brasses.

If you search for ready to go sounds - search for the libraries from Keepforest - AizerX and Devastator and Evolution Devastator. They have really good presets for distorted low brass.

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@NewWave_Studio .

1• Decapitator. Abbey Road Settings - E . Use Punish and blend the mix till it does the job.
2• Kush Audio - UBK. There is a preset for brass.
3• Clipping distorsion. Standard Clip or Newfangled Audio - Saturate.
4. Melda Audio - MSaturator - ( freeware ) . This one has even 4th harmonics distorsion saturation.
5• Tape saturator.My weapon of choice is UA ATR -102, but that implies to have the UA interface and 349 usd.
PS. I obtained a great result for some braams with NI massive self designed brass and Serum blended with some Orchestral Tools Brass and applied saturation and saturated reverb.
You may hear that at 0:45 and 1:14. Trailer Cinematic Dubstep by Soundtrickz | AudioJungle

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“Punish” is exactly what I was looking for. It seems, it is also great for the epic drums.
Thanks for reply, mate!