Any thoughts on why my item rejected?

Hi everyone,
recently I got rejected on this item but I’m not quite sure why.
Been putting lots of time and effort on doing this but seems not good enough.

The concept I created is a Christmas flyer which is the main star,
and additionally social media posts that have a simple animation on it.
So people could render it and put on their social media platforms.

I don’t know if anyone ever try this concept before
but I do want the customer to have an option to add tiny bit of motion to make it stand-out.

Do you think it’s not possible with the categories that Envato has?
Since animated stuffs usually is under VideoHive category.

Really appreciate for any suggestion :slight_smile:
Thank you

hi well I see a variety of reasons for the item to be rejected … first of all this is quite simple and I cannot say that there is so much graphic design in this item in the first place, so , as a result the commercial potential of the item is decreasing as this is quite possible to find such item for free download in the internet …so why buying? and this why accepting ? Most importantly again, as regard to the style, I am sorry to mention this as I guess u did your best but quite frankly the thing does not inspire celebration much , this is rather dull , there is not shining, no really popping out colors or whatever> there is not enough work in the background as well, at this stage and the text positioned like this is not super readable and neither is it outstanding too. More over the positioning is quite wrong as far as trimlimne and safety zones go , the text is too close from edges and u may expect it to be cut in the very scenario or at the very least that this is choking - thus lacking breathing - if u are lucky enough for the title not to be cut

Hi, thank you for your input :smiley:

Regarding the text too close to edges, it’s quite intentional from my artist point of view but I see and understand your point. It might be hard for other people to see.

Ah yes… The “sparkling” is intended on the animation.
You can take a look from this preview I made:
The extra selling point would be having animation on your digital social media posts.
However, it might be not 100% a Graphic River item considerably it has animation on it.
Do you think it might be one of the reason of rejection?

so no need to ask if u consider any feedback as not legitimate … - for a print thing or not , text too close is not an artistic choice, this is either material to problems when It comes to printing or “choking effect” for anything else - besides I do not get it, if an animation it has nothing to do in GR … and this alone is the guaranty that the item will be hard rejected , this is already what happens if u fail to place in the right category so if u place in the wrong marketplace , needless to mention that u do not stand a chance to have anything accepted, this is the bottomline

I understand the importance of having item in the correct category. But as I previously stated before, the main piece of the item is the flyer which falls correctly under GR category.
However, me being experimental and want to add something different and new (since photoshop is able to add video layers), I added video layers which enable customers to do animation. This is where I think GR might not have the proper category YET (as far as I’m aware of)

That’s why I’m asking in this forum, in case anyone has tried something similar before and could learn more from them.

it does not change anything … the work is flat , u should realize about it … this is not even showing any celebration spirit that’s why this is rejected

As of my latest reply, I don’t make a fuss about why my design got rejected. I’m trying to have a discussion about which GR categories may suits better. It won’t change anything for me now but might help someone else in the future.