Any thoughts on why my first two items rejected?

Good day. I would like to know why my item number 1 name “High-rise building constructed of large, prefabricated concrete slabs” and number 2, name “F-16 Fighting Falcon” - rejected. Although this is a realistic vector, of sufficient quality judging by the works available on Envato Market, it also does not have any legal problems, because it is absolutely and completely my exclusive work.
The illustrations are of high quality and have a sufficiently large extension of 3380x2250, and some have 12000x8000. Working AI and EPS files. No open paths or locked layers.
So these works meet the requirements and do not violate the rules, and I really don’t understand what the problem is…

Thank you very much. Sincerely, Anton Filpenko.

You upload in a Vector category?

Yes, in a Vector category… What do you think is the problem?

About building - I don’t know. (( try to find some similar on Vector Buildings from GraphicRiver ) - but is not High-rise building :slight_smile:

About plane - try to upload on a white background ( without text and sky ) And think about Name. Description and keywords.

Airplane??? - maybe better more detailed name. ( !!! )

Good luck!

Hm… I agree with you, I will try it, thanks a lot.

Hi, for me, globally, u are having trouble to value the items that u have created. Most of the previews using a text turn out to be not super readable to say the least and the chosen typo does not match much with the great illustration work that u have made, if u ask me … Look, for instance, the fighting airplane is not valued with the text positioned like this ,on rather plain and tasteless cloudy background like this … pls keep in mind that the goal for u is to “sell” what u have created. the environment where this is displayed must value the work u have done and the quality of the illustration , even more

That is, do you think that such a complex and, as you said, great illustration was rejected forever because they did not really like the text and background? Really?

So how should I guess what one or another tester will like or not like?

I can’t judge of anything like this … the thing is that this is possible that people consider the commercial potential of the item and believe there is not much of it, hard to tell, I can’t figure this out indeed, I give my opinion to help, no more. If u consider the things I pointed at as “details” pls keep in mind that details may matter, I can’t tell anything else, unfortunately