any themes that resemble

hi authors,

is there any themes that resemble
I’ve purchased a few (newspaper, soledad, jannah) but cant seem to get the blurb to appear, just heading.

Here’s what I mean has this -

newspaper theme does this

thanks in advance


If you are referring to the block header, our Newspaper theme has quite a few templates, they can be seen here Block header 1 - Newspaper 9 Demo And for the block designs, there are also many to choose from The blocks also can display the time ago date format. We can provide assistance if you purchased the theme and would like to build a website with it. I suggest contacting us by email at and mentioning how we can help.

Regards, Simion C.

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Hello Harry nice to meet you :slight_smile:
There are dozens of themes which you can purchase from TF. However if you need a customized one then you may anytime connect with me via my envato profile

thanks for your replies. The blocks are nice, but they only show the heading, I want the excerpt to be displayed too. There’s no options for it in the block settings. (there is - but its for the big story, not the little ones).

Newspaper theme comes close though.


All the blocks in the cloud library I mentioned can display an excerpt. It is a matter of design if some of them do not display it. But the option is there for all of them The blocks can display an automatic excerpt, from the post content, or a custom excerpt, which can be entered manually while editing the post. So displaying excerpts where you want them, should not be a problem. If you purchased our Newspaper theme and you have questions about it, please send us an email and we can discuss further. Let us know.

Regards, Simion C.

You won’t be able to find “out-of-box” solution as a theme/template and at some point you’d need custom modifications ( with any theme you’d prefer to use )

no worries, ill send u an email. I have bought many themes, may as well do it via the support line.