Any suggestions to fix with this track?

Hello everyone,
This is my first track at audio jungle and I am waiting in the review queue. Can anyone give some advice on whether this track has the general quality of audio-jungle? Any advice is welcome and thanks you so much.

Motivational Upbeat

This track is highly likely to be rejected.
Too simple and inappropriate sound libraries. The musical idea is great.

@Romantic_City thank you for the advice and feedback. “inappropriate sound libraries” means the sound libraries used are not suitable for commercial music?

Type “motivation” in the search for audiojungle and listen to what sounds, processing, arrangements, mixing the authors use. Your track sounds like a sketch made by the DAW’s built-in libraries. Watch tutorial videos on YouTube. You have good composing skills, but the production doesn’t sound like a commercial sound.

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Thank you so much @Romantic_City.

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