Any suggestions/ tips before I send my html template?

After I got hard reject on my first item, I improved it. It’s a coming soon template (Themeforest).
I would like to get your feedbacks, to even improve it more before I submit it.

Of course that i’ll work on more versions, like slider background and more, but it is the standart version.

Please leave a comment, it’s important to me.


Is that pop up content block deliberate? If not you need to lose it from the demo.

  • Avoidable validation issues

  • If you are having more versions make them before submitting

  • Spacing and padding needs attention

  • Countdown is quite small

Thanks. Can you explain your question again? I dont understand what is “pop up content block”?
And, “Avoidable validation issues” - you means to the forms? what avoidable there?

When the site loads there is a pop up ad box - I am assuming this is because you ar eon a free host but I am quite sure that this may cause rejection an it definitely will deter buyers.

Validation as in with the code - there are not big things but given that it is a coming soon site and not a lit to it then having any that are avoidable will cause it to be rejected

Oh okay, then I guess I’ll move to another host. And thanks, I’ll fix all the errors. By the way, I see that I really have a problem with spacing - do you recommend to use flexbox to center the things vertically and horizontally, or you don’t tried this method? Thanks again!

It would probably look better to center things esp as right now the fact that different sections are different heights and the navigation jumps up and down between sections is not great.

BUT either way you need to let everything breath more and sort out the padding and spacing whichever layout you use

e.g. the title, subtitle and content are very very close and on about the content, then quote box (which could improve in typography) and team members feel very closely squashed together.

Its hard with coming soon sites- there is so little to generate ‘premium value’ that it all has to be spot on