Any suggestions on why my Social Network and Music Script was hard-rejected twice?

Hello guys,

First, thanks so much for taking your time to read this…

I am a new author on CodeCanyon and my first item has been hard-rejected twice.

My Item is a modern Social Network and Music Streaming Platform.

Platform Demo Link: (Feel free to create account and test)
Admin Panel Link: (Login: Password: Superadmin1)
Music System Link:
Artist Dashboard Link: (Login: Password: Password1)

My first submission was built using Node.js and Vue.js (Nuxt) and was separated into front-end and back-end. I submitted it about 2 months ago and it was hard-rejected for the following reason “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.

After the first rejection I figured that maybe using Node.js wasn’t a good idea as I couldn’t find any other social networking platforms on CodeCanyon using Node.js. Also installation and customization would have been a huge issue for most customers too with a few other reasons.

So I took the last 2 months to completely rebuild the back-end of the platform in Laravel PHP and still using Vue.js (Nuxt). Now there is only a single file (which contains back-end and frontend built into one) which the client has to upload on their servers to install the script. I have also made more detailed the documentation and created an easy Installer Wizard for the installation of the script in a few easy steps without editing any files or running any commands. I also improved the admin panel to make it easier the customize many aspects of the app and the user interface (I know I could probably still improve a lot with time).

I re-submitted the item 2 days ago and after ~24 hours got an email saying it has been hard-rejected again.

I know there should be good reason for this second hard-rejection only after 24 hours but I have no idea of anything concrete that could be the issue.

The most probably reason I can think of is “Customization” because I am using Vue.js (Nuxt.js) for the user interface which many buyers may not have knowledge of? Or I need to add many more options for customization on the Admin Panel?

Also importantly it is because I am using Vue.js (Nuxt) that my UI/UX may be more appealing.

I believe the user interface is descent enough and the functionalities are also sufficient enough for a version 1 of the product because I am working on adding many more functionalities but I need some support from the item to be able to continue more work and implementing new features.

Here are a few reasons I can think of off the top of my head for the hard-rejection:
1.) My choice to use Nuxt.js ?? or I may be wrong ?
2.) Customization ? (Will be though since I’m using nuxt to build the final css/js but maybe I can add documentation for buyers to edit html/css and run configuration?)
3.) My Item Title ?
4.) My Item Price ?
5.) My Item Description ?

Please any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated as I am not very sure on which area I should focus on and put the most effort into at this point.

For reference, below are my item submission details:
Item Title: “Vibify - Ultimate PHP Social Network and Music Streaming Platform” :thinking:

Item Description:

Thank you so much in advance for your kindness, for your suggestions and assistance, I am beyond grateful

I don’t think it’s related to your coding, beside the design issues ( can be improved a bit ) the main reason is probably they didn’t think it’s popular for another custom admin panel script as there are already few best sellers at CodeCanyon and the easiest way to achieve this you could actually use WordPress extension

Thanks for you feedback @ki-themes

By design issues do you mean “Responsiveness” or?

Also, my item is not an Admin Panel script. it is Social Network and Music Script. Maybe you got this confused?

Thanks again very much for your feedback!

Possible. May I ask the main features of the script? It’s not related to responsibility, it’s design issues ( can be ignored by the reviewer team though )

@ki-themes thanks for you reply

It is a Social Network and Music streaming platform.

You can find the full description of the item we submitted to CodeCanyon here →

I meant “Responsiveness” like mobile responsive design

Ok yeah, I guess the review team can ignore those small issues

@charlie4282 @baileyherbert Could you please offer me any advise? I am sorry to bother you guys but any suggestions, thoughts or feedback from you guys will be invaluable and so appreciated :palms_up_together:

Hello, homepage has responsivity issues. Can’t login on mobile.
That could be the case for hard rejection.

@Pandicted thanks very much for your feedback,

I developed it such that If you load the site on mobile (and tablet), you will get a mobile optimized version. So there are two designs, one for web and one when you load the site on mobile (and tablet).

Mobile Newsfeed

If you had actually loaded the page from a mobile device the design will be adapted to your device and you will see the option to login as in the first screenshot above.

But would you still absolutely recommend that I make it actually adapt to all different screen sizes and not just have a dedicated design that loads if the user is on web or on mobile (and tablet) as is currently the case ? Or this may seem like a reason for “Soft-Reject” instead ?

Thanks again so much for you time and feedback

I doubt reviewers use different devices to test a website, they just resize the browser screen and check that it is not worth their time. This has happened to me before.

@Pandicted … really ?
Rather thought this could be a reason for soft-reject ?

So you’ve had an item that was hard rejected for responsiveness and when you made it responsive it got accepted ?

Thanks very much for the insights, that means I’ll absolutely work now on making it much more responsive…

Also, please have you tried logging in or signing up ? Is there any other issue that you may have noticed other than the responsiveness you mentioned which could also be a reason for the hard reject ?

Thank you very much for your time, I really appreciate your feedback and suggestions

It’s not related to design. If it was, you would get a hard rejection then you will be asked to fix the problems. The main issue here is not related to coding as well. The general idea of the script/template may not be good enough for the reviewer. You should find another idea instead of working on this one

@ki-themes I appreciate your feedback,

Did you read the item description I shared above ? Also, have you tested the product Demo? I believe there is descent commercial viability to the product which probably only actual buyers/customers will see and appreciate. Otherwise the reason for the hard reject should have been Your submission does not have sufficient commercial utility

I have been working on this platform for more than 6 months and giving up right now may not be an option. However I know I am still not very advanced, so what I need to do now is make sure the technical quality is up to standards as per the reason for the hard rejection.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and feedback

There are may be few reason ( i am not expert but trying to find out issues :slight_smile: )

1- Pre loader style on desktop - Pre loader quality ( Afer seeing this i was dis pointed with pre loader )

2- Login page desktop ok , For mobile i didn’t check.

3- I found old type design in feed page - like if we see today social network script or running website they are using modern design and looks very much attractive ( i think you need to work on it )

4- Need more features for a post ( share out side website, within timeline )

5- Need improvement in left sidebar with more feature and modern design
5.1 Need improvement in right side ( you can use any sidebar or feature section widgets any thing that make a page complete with doses a user want )
6- You need to improve design and come with more and new feature. there are good social scripts on codecanyon but they also have design and features issue, check their comments and learn from their.

I am on desktop and as a user i can’t buy this product there are other script with more features and modern design - then as a reviewer how can i approve this, if user wont but.

I am not experienced and expert in reviewing but what i see i told you :slight_smile:
Good luck friend for success .

@gamedon thank you for your honest feedback.

The points you have given seem very valid, also… think i may have been underestimating the competition a little… but I will dig more and keep improving.

I really appreciate you for taking your time to help. I have noted all your points, I will do more work on the design, add many more features, and make a lot of improvements to the platform.

Thanks so much for your time and very insightful feedback :slightly_smiling_face: