Any suggestions about causes of rejected item

Hi. This item was rejected - I’ll be glad to know - what wrong with it? - and how to force it to meet the general commercial quality standard? Thanks in advance.


I think the general mood and chord progression is a bit to special for AJ use. It would simply have very limited use on AJ, if I can imagine some use it would be in a quirky indie movie. I think the chord progression and the track itself is very cool and enjoyable though. The intro is a bit confusing, consider simplifying it a bit and dial down a little mid frequencies in the ukulele in general.

You have composing skills so just move on to the next project and research other tracks/genres on AJ to get more of a feel what generic landscape they often are in. Also test your tracks under different videos you imagine it being used for.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer - it is useful for me.

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I was surprised by the sound of the bass. Is it a Tuba? It seems to sound out of ukulele harmony. The chord progression is not within the commercial standard.