Any software to 'push' sales notifications ?


Is there anything available that sends push notifications to your phone when you make a sale ?

Currently using better envato which is awesome but would love to hear the ‘ka-ching’ on my phone when i make a sale :smile:

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For example, this extension for Chrome. I use it well and works reliably.

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Specifically, the phone (android) I use this…

iphone push notifications i’m after, must be something out there surely :slight_smile:

There’s an iPhone app called Vatomium which does the job - although I’d wish it would go ‘ka-ching’ for me rather more often :slight_smile:

Just wanted to mention that this is highly NOT recommended for wpbakery and ThemeFusion. :grinning:


lol karo. Thanks paul, installed it. Not sure why it says ive sold 5 items today when ive only sold 2 but il give it a go and see how it goes :slight_smile:

I just released something similar (but I guess with a lot more features).
It’s a 100% mobile friendly web-app (it opens up in your browser, and you need your own webserver / website).

If you’re curious about it,
just drop me a line on my page