Any self-taught people making money here?

If so, tell us about your jouney:

  • How did you get started with learning?
  • What was your first project(s)?
  • When did your first item get accepted by Envato?
  • When was you first sale?
  • etc…

Why I’m asking:
I’ve been learning web-development for about 7 months. I’ve got a few Codecademy courses and a Tumblr theme under the belt so far. I’ve started on an Udacity course on Javascript design patters that will propably take a lot of my time (especially since I try to do everything vanilla), but I’m also considering starting up another theme project, either for tumblr or Ghost.

Another thing I realized while trying to get my theme published by tumblr is that I need to learn/develop some system for testing,

Take some bootstrap course. That will help you in templates production. :slight_smile:

I’ve been consiering bootstrap, but I really want to have a solid css and javascript foundation before I dive into frameworks. I imagine you’ll get a lot more productive as an actual freelancer though.

I started another tumblr theme a few days ago. I’m going to do this with a css column-grid (instead of js masonry), though I still have to use jQuery to get my infinte-scroll plugin working.

Currently barely styled at all, just basic layouts:

I started as a self-tought, but now I have a degree in CS.
But this is not imporant.

It is importatnt that you like what you are doing, and with time, experience and money will go.

Q1: How did you get started with learning?
I started with 3d Studio Max, then someone made fun of me saying that he can teach me programing in 2 weeks… So I started to read lots of books (more then 10 years ago ) and now here I am, Themeforest author. Today I got my first theme approved

Q1: What was your first project(s)?
My first project was a social site like facebook, with a game in farmville 1 style, but I thought that is not going to work… so I didn’t believe in me!
It took me 2 years to learn php css & javascript to a level where I can get almost any project

Q2: When did your first item get accepted by Envato?
The first item was accepted on 26 august 2013 (aj ) 5 July 2015 (themeforest)

Q3 When was you first sale?
2013, I can’t remember correctly. But I didn’t thought that Is going to sell anything …

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