Any recommendations for a WP theme that lets users submit pics and videos?

Hey Team
I am looking for a simple but fast loading theme that can be used to make a destinations guide, similar to trip advisor or The two fundamental requirements are that it should have a directory structure (for example North America/USA/New York State/New York City/Statue of Liberty so that one can click on any of the above to open the page for the country / state etc.

Secondly I want users to submit their reviews along with pics and videos.

Has anyone come across such theme?

Maybe the Golo theme (if you’re interested in using WordPress)? It’s primarily a directory theme but integrates with WooCommerce (so you could add affiliate links) and allows for user reviews. I would suggest reaching out to the developer to see if it would meet your specific needs:

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Thank you for replying, WPExplorer. Its a very nice theme indeed but I am afraid it does not allow reviewers to upload pictures.

Though I’m not sure how you want the images uploaded, Golo does allow for it - you just need to login as a guest to view the review submission form. Here’s a picture from their live demo that I took:

Thanks for being such an awesome user. I certainly missed the login part. It indeed has what I was looking for. Can’t thank you enough for sparing your time.