Any recommendations for a woocommerce template that has images connected to items?


I am selling handmade products each of which comes in 100+ multicolor variations. Becaue of this variation I gave a serial number to each item and that number writes on it. In the avalable woocommerce templates, buyer can see the actual item when he/she selects the serial number on the product page. However, when the buyer goes from the other way, and selects a photo from the galery, the serial number does not automaticaly comes up. I am looking for a minimalist template that has that feature and I am asking if any of you know one. Thank you.

Not exactly sure but a new theme may not be solving your problem as you may need a specific feature.

Thanks for your reply. I wonder if I am asking such an extraordinary feature or not. I have gone thru over a dozen ecommerce templates today on here and wix, and all are more or less the same. It is really sad to see that everybody is doing the same thing. It is as if there is a a wall that nobady can go over it. The most advanced feature I saw was a guy developed a “bicolor option” feature on a product page.

It’s because you need to upload the items as new instead of variations, within your logic and mark the items ( color variations ) as “similar items”. All of the images would have the “same” code within the gallery.

Again, as said, you would probably need a custom work.