Any reason why item hard rejected?

Hello there,

I have submitted my item “FoodLab Restaurant HTML Template”. But unfortunately, it has been hard rejected. Actually, I don’t understand the exact reason for hard rejection. I tried my best to apply every handmade resource and follow the code standard of Themeforest.

But unfortunately, I got this message from the reviewer.

“We have reached a point where we have enough of these minimalistic designs with generic layouts (i.e. header-banner-teasers-footer). If your design doesn’t bring anything new to the table, unfortunately, it can’t be accepted.
If you want to submit any more files that fall into the similar-items category they not only have to be up to our standards but really outperform any existing ones.”

I really appreciate you guys can share the suggestion and showed my mistakes to improve my further submission.

Item Live link: And Food
It will be very helpful for me if get some support from you.

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Thanks in advance

They have already informed you about the situation as this is not related to design or coding issues, it’s generic design and there’re too many similar items on the marketplace - this item doesn’t bring any new idea or feature to the marketplace

Hello @ki-themes ,

Thanks for your informative feedback. Actually, I tried my best to bring some new UI/UX ideas for this template. May you please give me some support on how to improve the UI/UX for the recent Themeforest standard?

Thanks in advance.

At this point, the suggestion would be a fresh start. Think out of the box. Be more creative.

PS: If you’re okay to create “React” version of my HTML ( I had another account that I closed ) templates, you can drop me an email. We can work together.

Hello @ki-themes ,
Thanks a lot for your message. Yes, I understand that I have to rethink the product again. And I really appreciate your offer to work together. Hope I would get a chance to work with you.
Thanks again and I hope you will support me future.
Your regards,

Hi Bro

It opens very late. very slow.

Font and font sizes are not good.

I did not like the use of color.
In some areas, it is necessary to use softer colors.
Can be better.

See the other templates

Minimal, Clean and Modern

Don’t be sad, fight for the better.

You can do it. :wink:

Please, drop me an email to discuss the details