Any opinions on Envato Elements subscription?

I have a client who has me make multiple videos, then multiple versions of that video. They are a large household name so I have to insure I follow all legalities in relation to licenses (like music licenses). So if I make one video for them, then a ‘snippet’ version of the same video, and then a ‘social media’ version of the same video, I have to purchase three licenses for the one song.

So I’m considering just subscribing to Envato Elements, but I’m concerned it may not have a lot of quality items. I’ve done a little poking around, but am curious about anyone here who is a subscriber? Loves? Hates? Issues? Would you recommend it?

It depends on what you are delivering and how you plan to use it especially in terms of what types of items. It serves a purpose brilliantly if volume is what you need and the quality in general remains very high.

Personally (speaking from a web design perspective) I see more value in Themeforest as that route provides support, updates and you can only work with one item (stockpiling is not allowed) at a time and it usually takes a longer period to create a finished site.

If your client is a major household name then I would have thought:

  1. the price of an element’s subscription or of an audio jungle purchase shouldn’t really be relevant?

  2. there’s much more choice on AJ which should lead to an easier path to creating the best output?

  3. you know broadcast use is not allowed with elements music?

  4. are they aware you are using stock content and ok with that?