Any opinions on Envato Elements subscription????

I have a client who has me make multiple videos, then multiple versions of that video. They are a large household name so I have to insure I follow all legalities in relation to licenses (like music licenses). So if I make one video for them, then a ‘snippet’ version of the same video, and then a ‘social media’ version of the same video, I have to purchase three licenses for the one song.

So I’m considering just subscribing to Envato Elements, but I’m concerned it may not have a lot of quality items. I’ve done a little poking around, but am curious about anyone here who is a subscriber? Loves? Hates? Issues? Would you recommend it?

I’m a subscriber, and was doubtful at the start, but not anymore. There are loads of items you can instantly use. Browsing those items also gives you some idea about your project, like you might end up in another place just because you have so many options at your fingertips so you can try a few more. Subscription is also pretty cheap $16.5/mo. It’s a mid-range item a month basically.

If you’re like me, and you have a lot of space to fill up, then the subscription is the way to go. If you don’t need a lot of items then just stick to the old fashioned way, but you’ll still end up paying more.

The only bad thing I see here, is that if we all use this and we all use it well and simple, then in time same design will appear everywhere. Since that isn’t the case still, just go for it :slight_smile: