Any London based php freelancers here?

Hi all,

Hope its ok to ask this here, but if not I’ll delete. We are looking for an experienced php / WordPress freelancer for occasional projects. Would need to be based in London so we can meet. More info on request.

Shout if its of interest, thanks in advance.

@charlie4282 is based in London I believe, if he can’t help a good friend of mine has a WP agency in London - - Lee is a great guy and knowledgable.

I am based just outside Swindon so can commute into London for the right projects if needed, happy to chat more to see if it’s something viable if neither of the above can help

Thanks Gareth, most appreciated. I’ve been to Swindon many times so yes, its not too far from London. I might ping you a msg if that’s ok, later.

sure :slight_smile:

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Let me know if i can help you. I was in London but now i’m working remotely with a team of expert PHP developers. Providing quality work in low prices.

Please check (Removed) for further details.


Thanks a lot @techowdy - though we are looking specifically for London based at the moment. :(:disappointed:

I am London based but also big agency based so don’t work a lot with freelancers unfortunately.

I can recommend some excellent WP agencies down here but they will be quite high end I am afraid.

I can ask about if you can’t find anyone

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I know a few London freelancers but they are usually quite busy. If its an interesting project they might take it on.

I avoid London myself but mind you, you do have some real great cocktail bars!


No worries @charlie4282 - we are an agency ourselves and just looking for a couple of trustworthy devs to help out occasionally. Thanks.

Not London based but 40% of my clients are from UK. In case of interest, you can drop me an email or check my Studio for references