Any Joomla Devs Wanna Convert My Portfolio?

Pretty much as per title tbh

Any Joomla devs out there who want to expand there TF portfolio, iv got a number of approved HTMLs on my portfolio ripe for conversion, if your interested - respond here or throw me a message via my profile.

Im reasonable on percentage, 40/60 in your favour would be fine.

Thanks, Danny

Hi, we can do it for you. We have see your portfolio,our team can do convert 10 - 12 items per month for you with main feature:

  • Convert from HTML / Wordpress theme.
  • Keep 100% original design.
  • Same functions and effects… with your original item
  • UNIT Test, fix bug
  • Submit / Resubmit to Reviewer
  • Do Support 24 / 7…

if you accept us, we can start to do convert them from this week.