Any issues or suggestion on my new theme before apply for approval

Dear All,
This is my template and I’m looking to get approved from the themeforest. can you tell any issues or improvement required on this

With respect this is never going to be approved.

There’s issues with design basics throughout including typography, spacing and hierarchy.

The design is very basic and out dated and the concept has been done a million times before.

There’s nothing premium in terms of features and functionality that couldn’t be found for free online easily.

Copy and paste sections looks unfinished.

No post page.

Map does not load properly.

Thank you so much for the feedback… will update them and design a new one

Coding ( except jQuery part ) looks good but not the design.

do I have to add more features to the design? or does our theme need to target a specific market?

The design lacks of details and it’s not one part, in general, the design is no good.
Adding “content” to this design won’t change the results. You need to get better on design, too, if you want your items approval on the marketplace.