Any inputs on why the work was rejected?

Greatly appreciated!

hi indeed , i like what u have done, really …
this is not perfect in my view but for me this looks like high level of originality and visual aesthetics for me the only “problem” u have is about typo of the upper part , the on for the main title being not overly readable and the thing gets worst with the sort of lack of contrast that u still have (the central part, yellow one, being ok but the dark orange one , being much more difficult if u wish). The only little other things may tell is that the “your are invited” is not imbricating with the main title and this is breaking a bit of the good harmony that u have managed to create otherwise

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Thanks for the reply man! I’ll take a look at those.

u are welcome but u have a very good basse to work with to say the least, i had never seen anything like this and i use to see a whole lot of things