Any improvments regarding USA clients ?

The nr of clients from usa is exactly the same as it was last year

Actually it is less then last year

So what Envato is doing to increase the nr of clients from USA ?

It is any TV ads ? or something similar that is targeting usa clients ?

Or everything was for nothing ?

Last year USA was on the 2nd place on our list , this year is on the 5th place. It is still early in the year to say how things are going to stand, but for now their predictions are not accurate.

You are right is to early, but I would like to know what they are doing to increase the clients nr

For what we are paying more 10%.
I think they should provide updates regarding what they are doing.(if they are doing something)

My earnings compared to last year the same time are not that good

Previously US Is in Top List in all months in my earnings. Now UK First - US is second. :frowning: Low sales

@Envato Is Still trying to do things for US customers

You are not paying only 10%. This is a common mistake made here, the new tax is 10% ( in your case) from the whole item price. You are in fact loosing ab 16-17% from your US sales.

I already start testing new marketplace. I will start by moving all of my audiojungle items (200+) to a new market

But I decided first to wait 2 months, after that I’m done with Envato

another 16-17% is way too much.

So I’m earning less then what an affiliate earns… ha ha

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Imagine how it’s for authors who pay 30%, they lose 41.3% on each US sale. Would be great if they at least implement option to disable sales to US clients if author wants that. Or at least exclude US sales from support.

@wpgenie that will mean that envato is loosing money

So they will loose authors and on the long run new markets will show up and they will loose more authors… so in the end they will have to do something. But I guess for now they have the power. Time will tell if authors will accept there terms.

This ship it’s sinking…

Us sales was 70 % of my sales… now nothing for a long time

70% ? are you a non exclusive ?

Νο i mean us buyers is hard to find two months now

as far as I understood it may take several months, even years until we are going to see improvments. They have a team that are working on promoting the company in usa…