Any ideas why this was rejected?

Same thread that always comes up. Need help with why my track was rejected. It’s one of these:

“This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately.”

So they haven’t said it’s a style thing, just a technically sub-par mix. Personally, I thought the mix was good. Also, other tracks of mine that are stylistically similar (and mixed less well, frankly) have been accepted and made sales, so this seems strange.

Here’s the track:

Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to respond.

Hi friend,

  1. I think your electric guitar is louder than other. You can make it more softer for “easy-listening”.
  2. The groove changing is good for listening but i think it doesn’t work here for customers’ purposes.
    Hope it help. good luck friend.

Thanks for the response.

Yeah, I thought it could be the half-time section. Will fix that and the guitar level and have another go. Thanks and have a nice day :slight_smile:

yeah I’ll bet it could’ve been down to the electric guitar, it’s just a little over powering IMO.

Well, plenty of best-sellers have half-time sections and I kind of like it here.

But overall, the track, to me, is a bit too stressful, especially the melody. The sounds used indicate a happy, light feel, but the rhythm, tempo and melody are stressful and very energetic and it’s a nice relief when the half-time kicks in. Maybe make the whole song more like that? I would try to use less notes in the melody though - space is good!

I also agree about the loudness of the electric guitar.

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Oh ok. Maybe I’ll just can it then and move on. Thanks for the feedback everyone, really appreciated!

Learning learning learning!

I think the groove isn’t that good as for background.
Also there’s some unexpected section changes,They do sound cool and interesting,but it’s hard to blend with most video productions.
And maybe I’m wrong,but I think that instruments are not perfectly in rhytm pocket.
There’s just that section from 1;10 that has great groove and feel.Where everything stays in pocket.
I think with such energetic tune it could be better to use even some brass,instead of glock )
Just my opinion :slight_smile:

Yeah you’re right, the uke was out of time on the push… every time!

I just spent the afternoon rescuing the track and was definitely slipping out of the fun zone with it, but the idea of sticking brass on it sounds quite fun. It’d probably aim the track better for more energetic videos. I’ll leave it a few weeks and see what I reckon anyway.

Thanks again for all the responses. What a great community :slight_smile:

Thank you to show me that.
Yes, make contrast on track is good.

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