Any ideas about rejection?
P.S. please note quality lost after uploading to sc. original here`

Hi GMM - Very nice concept. I like the track a lot. The thing that stands out as negatives to my ears are:

  • the vocals starting at 0:41 are confusing because they are sitting so far down in the mix The heys and bop bops almost sound like talking here. The vocals starting about a minute later are clearer and fit better in the mix.
  • some parts get pretty busy with multiple stringed instruments, piano, vocals, whistling, and percussion. It sounds like they stomp on each other at times during the busier passages. Also
  • the snare tuning beats a bit too much against the mandolin at times - check out starting at 0:20. Perhaps cut out some frequency or side chaining could help.

Again, great tune. I can see this being a seller with some clean up. Good luck!

Hey MidnightSnap.
Thank you very much for detailed review, I really need this comment. fully agree with you. Before uploading I also thought to delete all vocals starting at ~0:41 :))
I will change all parts from your review and upload it again :slight_smile: Again thanks!

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  1. The sound is not the volume but flat and dry.
  2. A lot of sounds all in the porridge, the ear does not know what to cling to.
    I think so.
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piano and ukulele are not harmonious. you made a big mess.

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Thank you, I fully understand you, I will try to solve all issues

When? Can you say example in minutes?

1:30 :sunglasses:

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I really don’t understand your asked issue :smiley:

My additions are : Your piano, ukulele, the melody seem to being fighting each other. You can make your track less busy. Simple is the best. Hope it help you. :smiley:

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Well, I understand you, Maybe you right :smiley: I will try to change some parts, and upload it again.