Any idea how I can get this elements project to work?


I downloaded this project from Elements and I can’t get it to work:

It says that the footage is corrupted when After Effects tries to load it. So I took out the footage and converted it, then put it back into the video, but it still, unfortunately, doesn’t work.

Any tips would be appreciated. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the original author is, or I would contact them.

Many thanks,


If it says the files are corrupt, then there might have been something wrong with the download, have you tried downloading it again?

Yeah, didnt work. Its the files themselves.

I was able to find the author of the item.

Items downloaded with Elements don’t include support, however, in the case of the item just simply not working it might be an exception.

Alternatively you can contact Envato Support and they’ll be able to check if there’s anything wrong with the files.