Any idea about these flyers acceptance!

Hello Pals,

Any idea whether these flyers be accepted or rejected?

You are stuck in the same old style. Change it!

There’s no problem with the style! If you check the new approved flyers, you’ll see that 70% of them are the same style, only with a much more boring and outdated look :smile: !
The problem is with one of the 2 reviewers who works on Print Templates. Her review doesn’t have any logic, often times rejecting great designs while approving dozens of identical flyers that look appalling.
Even if Satgur would change his style, that wouldn’t guarantee an approval. I’m one of the authors who had interesting flyers and unique designs rejected by her (for example the flyer made for the Tokyo Olympics, the only one for 2021 olympics available on GR). Luckily, some of them have been approved by other reviewers after resubmission and made good sales. But that was possible some years ago, when the old reviewers were still working here (together with the new ones from Mexico). Nowadays there are only 2, and most of the flyers go to her queue since she rejects flyers like crazy and her queue is always empty :slight_smile:

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Thanks for insights

It doesn’t matter what you create, as what Minkki said the whole review system is not what it was anymore.
Poor flyers with the same oversaturated style is be approve and great flyers rejected.
GR is slowly dying.


They rejected these 3 flyers from me too.
Well i think these are very high quality.
And look what they approved last week… trash

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this has been rejected…:frowning: