Any feedback for this Ilustration please? :-)

Hi guy, Could you give me some feedback for my work please ? I chosse Ilustration because I read that they dont have much ilustration to offer in the market. Ilustration is not something that I am doing often but et least I tried :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:



hi fr me , to be honest with looks cute and rather good but the thing is that maybe your strokes are not 100% regular / the same everywhere , which is having a negative impact on the final looks of your item. I also do not see what is the point to have the second preview , it does not look natural and u do not need to have it (why putting something that may put u into trouble?). finally there is something that maybe regrettable in a way , this is that u do not offer additional postures and a more editable characters so that people can change facial expression, posture and so on , so that your item is ultimately having an increasing commercial potential

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