Any Envato API wrapper available?

Before I code something crappy from scratch is there a wrapper for the new API available? Should be written in PHP.

Any help appreciated!

I have full API wrapper for old API and new API (using personal token), it is tied into WordPress right now (for my plugins, uses some WordPress functions for remote calls, transient cache and header control). I plan to make it more universal (so it can work without WordPress), but I lack free time to do that for now. It is not documented, but I use it with 3 of my plugins for close to 3 years and I develop it to follow what Envato does with API.

sounds great! Although I was thinking about a “official” version. I mean new support policy is live in a couple of hours.

Why does Envato take 30% by the way?

I have plugin for bbPress integration, and I will release it later today with option to check support expiration. But, API doesn’t have anything specific for this, only one extra property is returned with the purchase code verification.

I don’t believe there will be any official PHP wrapper (or any wrapper) from Envato. I asked few times about that on old forum, but there was no response on that. I have started with my wrapper 3 years ago for old API and now supporting new API, and I will not replace it with official wrapper even if Envato releases that.

All this with support is very bad for everyone, and I can’t believe that Envato is not seeing that. We, authors are not protected: user can have 10 licenses for same product, but he needs to buy support package for one of them only, it will be valid for all 10 licenses for that item, unbelievable. This is one of the worst things Envato did and I am not sure anymore that Envato is the right place to sell plugins anymore.


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+1 can’t agree more

Why not Envato provide PHP wrapper, I am also facing same problem. I am looking attention for Envato Stuff.