Any DUTCH NL audiojunglers?




How do you communicate your earnings to the Dutch tax folks?
As a freelancer (zzp-er) I should give an invoice… Should I give all the invoices to my accountant?!
It’s a lot of them… that will take her a LOT of time to put into the computer…
There are 2 invoices, the once the client sends me direct, and the once Envato sends me (there fee)…
Or do we just give a monthly overview to the bloody vvd?
Thank you!



Although I am not active on Audiojungle, I have to pass my Codecanyon earnings to the Belastingdienst as well. It took me quite a while to figure it out and I ended up consulting a VAT-expert about the whole situation. Luckily, the VAT declaration is quite simple for us. Just send me a direct message and I will give you some more information on how I do my VAT declaration.


Yes it’s easy for us, but if you share me your secret of sales, I share you my info☺️