Any developer out there want to work with a designer?


First of all sorry if I posted in the wrong sub-forum.

I’m a designer and looking for a wordpress developer who I can work together in making Themeforest themes.

I’m not unexperienced or anything, I have over 20000 sales with different authors but right now I’m not working with anyone. Looking for someone who is ambitious enough to compete with the best and who is good at what he does.

I will send a portfolio of my works to anyone interested and expect them to send theirs too.

Not saying we will have guaranteed success but I’m really confident that with the right team we can make something special.

All the best

Can we see any of your design work? thanks

I want to work together. Please send me an email.


Can you send us some work samples, or let me know how can I contact you?


Hi, I’m also looking for a talented designer partner. How can I contact you?

Hi, I’m interested :slight_smile:
Please send your portfolio:

Hi, did you find someone or are you still looking?