Any clue about rejection on my last track will be appreciated :-)

Hello friends,

Although I have been uploading music to Audiojungle for more than 6 years, it is still difficult for me to develop good judgment when it comes to understanding the quality demanded in music to be accepted. This song that they rejected me today I thought was very good and I even showed it to other composer friends and they liked it but I understand that there must be things that don’t work well in it.

This year is the third time that they have rejected me a song and in the previous times you have given me very useful advice that has helped me to see some light on this matter.

There were two edits: long and short edit for the track and was oriented towards Experimental/Abstract category

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Estoy en la calle, así que haré lo que pueda.
Pero algo raro me suena en la batería, en el bombo creo, o que se cruza con el bajo. En el 0:21 se oye por ejemplo. A
Oyéndolo ahora otra vez, estoy casi seguro que es el bombo, pero no me hagas mucho caso, que llevo tres cervezas… :rofl:

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Gracias Manrique! un abrazo :smiley:

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Imho this wobbling synth is disturbing the groove. Less synth would be much cooler rythm wise.

Yes I agree you with this point. Maybe it was too much of an intense thick complicated sound that destroyed the groove of the track