Any advice on these two being rejected, please? One's sort of weird, but not THAT weird...

Hi all,

Just curious if anyone can help me with why these would be rejected. All feedback appreciated.


I don’t know if the second is too weird as you wrote, it would fit on some situations to me.

I hear more problems with the mix:

-The strings sound a bit harsh on both. Check for too loud frequencies around 2000-4000 hz.
-Both mixes are too dry (not enough reverb). It needs too sound more in a hall (more wet signal and longer tail). I think the tail is ok on the second but not enough wet signal.
-The master is a bit loud for that kind of music. It sound a bit too flat and harsh in the louder parts.

Nice compositions and arrangement! Expression is pretty excellent too!

You just need to improve your mix skill. You have absolutely all the other skills needed: composition, arrangement, performance…

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Thank you again for your feedback, it really is incredibly helpful. It’s pretty clear to me that I have a lot to learn about mixing strings after the last few tracks, so that’s definitely something I’ll have to put some work into. I’m also not used to mastering my own work, so am still finding my way in that area.

I agree on the reverb. I think I was trying to make it sound more intimate so made it drier, but it seems like I went a little too far.

I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to listen to my work and the kind words about the composition and arrangements.



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Totally agree with AnthonySigouin, high-frequency cut hearing.

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Thanks for listening and for the feedback. You’ve reinforced the points already raised, which makes what I need to focus on even clearer.