Any advice on my logo?

Hello!!.I am newbie. Could you advise me? Thank you very much!

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That is very basic, why you did not make a character drawing of a dog face and a “karate” body, if this high quality they will accept.



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Like character logo

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A poorly traced dog silhouette placed over a red circle is not a logo.


hi u have a very obvious problem of execution here ad u cannot expect make it here with such a low quality drawing … in addition, the text is very badly positioned and is made rather har to read because of the colors and positioning of the text , so why putting a text if this cannot be read , not to mention that for branding matters, people will expect their things to be seen, pop out, be given the proper impact and attention, what is not happening here. The concept of the logo is also very flat and the illustration is not much in keeping with the concept , as well … the circle and the text are not even in the same color and this is hard to get to understand what is the guideline at this stage …

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