Any advice about theme or plugin that detect the customer location ?

I’m searching about any store theme that show the distance between buyer and seller.

Hi there,

you should have a look at listings/directory WordPress themes. You could find the solution you are looking for.

But any listing directory hasn’t shopping system.

There are some themes out there having the possibility to add woocommerce products to specific locations. I do not know if it would do for you, as I do not know your specific needs.

Do you need to have more locations (each location having their own products)
do you need to let people register and let them have their own store?
(And recognize the distance, of course, I know, I know)
Just try to be more specific, please if you can.

firstly: it’s multi-vendor
secondly: i’ts product shown based on user location

So is it no option at all for you to have a listings WP theme with woo products for each vendors?

the problem is that I need the store show the products based on each user location not IP

These new listings WP themes do provide radius search based on your current location if enabled on your device.

This theme is just an example, just to show you what I am trying to ask. I do not mean that this is the right theme for you, I just wanted to show you an example of radius search.
Would that do for you at all?

Look, I need the exactly following options:

  • WCFM woocommerce multi-vendors
  • with radius search

Just have a look if this theme is one of your needs:


among many other features…

or you can have a look at the other item of the same author here:

In case you stick with WCFM:
WCFM is compatibile with Dokan (reference here),
Dokan is supported by the theme mentioned above (reference here),
theme with Dokan supports the distance feature you are looking for (along being a multi vendor theme) (reference here)

Dokan has a free and a paid version - you can compare here

You still might need a lot of time to find the right solution that fits perfect for you for a long term period of time. I can see you are not a newbie on the marketpalce here, so best of luck to you to find your way :slight_smile:


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