Answer Questions app - Hard reject ( Please tell me what I did wrong )

Hi guys!

I got a Hard Reject, and unfortunately, from the standard Envato email, it’s not clear what for. :frowning:

For the design? The code? For the idea?

I understand that the app is small, that the idea is not new, but I could develop it all.

I’ve seen a single analogue of the same application-but it’s less functional, less secure, less attractive than mine, and costs twice as much, this point is not clear to me. Am I really that bad?

If I can’t resend the app, it would be logical to show it to you, maybe you’ll notice something for yourself, and in the future, don’t make my mistakes.


Install ( if you want )

Edit .Env

composer install && npm install & & npm run prod

Set the rights to the necessary folders ( bootstrap / storage )

P. s

If you have any comments, I’d be happy to hear them.

If you are a front-end developer and you would like to work in a couple, then I will be glad to cooperate, I have a lot of ideas.

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Your project is good; I agree with you that envato has a very strict policy.
My project has been rejected unduly!

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Can you (@charlie4282, @baileyherbert ) give me a hint what you think was the problem? :frowning:

You should remove that BitBucket link if you don’t want to allow everyone access to your source code.

Here’s my feedback:

  • Design could use a little work, check out this page: - The buttons on the right need some padding.
  • Maybe center the header text on this page:
  • Again on this page: the “follow” button needs padding.
  • Your register page could use a little more design work, the social login buttons also need padding. Google and VK buttons are stuck on each other.
  • Login page has same issues as the register page.
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I have given access, due to a hard reject, as far as I understand, I can not send this product again, only, re-written.

Thank you very much for your feedback, and for me it is very strange that there is not a single item about the code, I thought the problem is just in it.

No problem. I hope you get your product accepted!

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