Anothr item rejected-how can I improve?

Hey guys, this is typical “looking for feedback” post. Here is mine another recently rejected synthwave track:

Got a hard reject due to standard “quality issues”.

What shall I improve to meet “industry quality standards”? Is it bad mix, poor composition, boring sounds or maybe everything is wrong?

Please give me some tip so I can focus on something to improve. Naturally, the more detailes the better.

Have a good day and keep it creative!

0:40 and 1:29 too complicated. (harmony)

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The question you should ask yourself is who do you see using your music and how they may use it. By this, I mean writing with a target buyer in mind and structuring the composition perfectly to fit their needs. To me, this is a bit repetitive, losses my interest quickly and doesn’t seem very video editor friendly regarding the structure.

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so it’s more an issue of composition, not mixing?