Another Youtuber reported me for using the same Envato template he was using!

I recently produced a Christmas Special for my channel and used a template from Videohive/Elements for the end credits, which is “History Ink Titles” (History Ink Titles by MotionMediaGroup | VideoHive).

The video was scheduled to air on December 25th, but today, December 21st, I got a copyright claim by a pakistanish company called Rockville Technology on behalf of a channel called Vidly because, according to them, I was using content from a video of theirs without their permission, when in reality, I was only using the same template acquired from Envato.

Here is the video from the channel that reported me: Sher Dil (2019) | CAST | INK SPLASH | ANIMATION - YouTube

I opened a dispute and attached the Envato license, but it will take about 48 hours to have my video unblocked.

Funny thing is that although I used the same template, the music, the pictures and the texts were all mine, it’s amazing how Youtube allowed them to report me anyway.

I have received copyright claims from Envato in the past, all of which I successfully disputed using the license (and it was very fast).

However, this is the first time I got reported by another user using the same template. I hope this isn’t a regular occurrence, but anyway, wanted to share this with you guys and maybe give a “heads up”…


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It sounds like a lack of experience or understanding of how things work from the other buyer.

It’s not YouTube’s fault - they are not so much “allowing” it to be reported but more that they have no choice but to recognise any dispute until they have had time to investigate it.

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@MotionMediaGroup should be warned about this, as it will impact all their customers.

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