Another Soft Rejection! Please Help!!

Hi Everyone,
We got another soft rejection from Envato Quality Theme Reviewer. Here is some reasons. Please anyone help how to improve these sections.

We’re looking for additional quality improvements. Design elements feel basic, and attention to details is missing:

Thanks & Regards

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She has been very lucky I would say as she is about to get a harsh rejection.

From the many captures that can be seen it is evident that the entire project requires a great improvement in terms of design.

I recommend that you hire a designer. This is a community full of good designers, otherwise you will be here the next 6 months trying to understand to correct it.

If you want to do it yourself, check all the tutorials on Tuts +, it will not be easy or fast but in a reasonable time you will be able to understand it for yourself.

I encourage you to keep working constantly


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