another soft reject for my html template

I submitted html template to themeforest and it got soft rejected and I fixed issues addressed by the reviewer,
and submitted it again but i got another soft reject with another few points to resolve so can you please help me with those points in my template , here is the message from reviewer:

  1. LINE LENGTH: To maximize readability, it’s recommended that you adjust the line length (measure) to not exceed 95 characters. Note that an ideal measure is between 45 and 75 characters in length.

  2. Please revisit line height right now it’s too big, to improve readability in web design it’s recommend to use 1.5em of line height, you can use this tool: to convert px to em’s.

and this is my template demo:

in the message the reviewer said that line height is too big and recommended to use 1.5em as line height but if I apply this to paragraphs the text will not have enough space between lines and it will look bad so please help me with those points and what should I do ?

Hi! your problems are easy to fix, check this screenshot:

Several sections has similar problems.


ok, thank you very much I will fix them,
can you see if there is any spacing or alignement issues in the template ?,
thanks in advance,
Kind Regrads.